August 4, 2009

Family Business is Buzzing


Plugged Into the Past


A Special Calling



Family Business is Buzzing

MULTIMEDIA: Step inside a family bee farm.
Reaching into the one of the square wood containers lined up on the hillside of their farm, Fabrizio Gabannini pulled out a thin frame of honeycomb. He gently pressed his index finger on the hexagonal pattern and a golden glob of “miele,” or honey, oozed out. Without wasting a [...]

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Plugged Into the Past

In the Italian Renaissance town of Urbino, where selling the past is a major industry, Filippo Battistelli seems to fit right in. He is a luthier, an artisan who uses ancient tools and techniques to craft musical instruments from blocks of wood.
But there is one glaring difference: Battistelli is making electric guitars.
“When I restore old [...]

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A Special Calling

MULTIMEDIA: Attend Mass with Father Claudio

The young man pushing through the double doors looks like a personal trainer or one of Urbino’s most eligible bachelors. He sports a deep tan over a lean, fit physique covered by a blue form-fitting shirt, dark grey cargo shorts that stop just above the knees and a tattoo spread [...]

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Italians Speak Up About Healthcare System

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San Crescentino: Urbino’s Patron Saint

Legend says the rain stops falling, the clouds clear and the sun comes out when San Crescentino’s image is carried outside the Duomo in Urbino. On the first day of June Urbino’s patron saint is celebrated with a special mass, procession and feast. However, this year the rain did not cease. Participants were unable to [...]

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Agriturismi: Raising food and tourists in Le Marche

High on a hill in central Italy, Giulia Savini can hear a collective ‘moo’ rising in intensity as she approaches a corral holding dozens of cattle on her farm, Valle Nuova. These cattle are happy because they know her visit means meal time.

For Savini, happy cows are important because Valle Nuova isn’t just about harvesting [...]

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Urbino: Where the Shoes Have No Name

There are no visible signs advertising Ars Nova on the corner of Via Raffaello and Via San Margherita, just a line of multi-colored leather sandals leading up the stairs from the cobblestone street.
Owner Donato Colombo’s advertising philosophy mirrors the inspiration behind his original leather designs. “My products haven’t got a mark; my mark is the [...]

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Roots of Tradition Grow Green

As the early morning sun warms the bricks of the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino residents pull in laundry drying from clotheslines outside their windows. A pasticceria sets out warm, freshly made pastries accompanied with jams made from local ingredients. Artisan Donato Colombo is hammering away at the soles of leather sandals. By 9 a.m. the [...]

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Dancers Take Steps to Build Friendships

Strangers gather outside the Urbino’s Palazzo Ducale. Hands rise and fall. Rise and fall. Legs move from side to side. Side to side. The people don’t know each other, but they’re dancing.
Each summer Urbino hosts the  Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica (International Antique Music Festival). During the 10-day celebration the narrow streets and the piazzas of this [...]

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Going Hi-Tech in the 1400s

Imagine you’re a contestant on the quiz show Jeopardy and can win the game by answering this question:
“When was the first overhead projector developed?”
Would you choose:
A: 1700s
B: 1900s
C: 1800s?
To learn the answer we have to follow a story that begins 25 years ago in the famed Italian Renaissance city of Urbino, where Professor Flavio Vetrano, [...]

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