July 28, 2009

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Narcissistic Nutshell

For the record, I do not believe in self-analysis. True self objectivity  –  it doesn’t exist. The most sad and rotten woman I know refers to herself as jovial. If I could slip out of this shell, turn my mirror into a window, take a gander, God knows what I would see.

That said. The pattern [...]

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Urbino Island of the Mind

Where it is just one thing after a lover.

Do you know I sleep with my door unlocked here?

Even though I am 316 and Gino is 416 and he routinely mistakes my floor for his in wee morning stumbles.

My door is an open invitation to filter and process the inner workings of the [...]

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Drink The Water

“Why is every Italian woman in here like so insanely beautiful?” he asks in awe with a side order of frustration.
It is in this journalist’s nature to answer rhetorical questions.
I held up three fingers pulling each finger down one by one,
“Genetics, unprocessed food and money.”
“But, really, I have a theory,” I screamed.  A conversation that [...]

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Dal Mare Di Mercato

The sardines are glistening, small, glassy, oil slicks, each special though lying together as he reaches down, tears the head and shucks the spine from each one with graceful expediency.  His hands move expertly without the assistance of his eyes as he pulls the innards from one pile of intact catch and lays the meaty [...]

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The International Language of Loathe

Once, a mentally-handicapped girl took advantage of me.   She was my dishwasher and was hired through the Friendship House, a program that gives work-assistance to the mentally and physically challenged.
Dishes would be forming a conga line around the kitchen and I would find her in the walk-in fridge with her bare hands in the [...]

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Discomfort Until Death

I was paddling into a little wave with the midday sun directly overhead creating blinding reflections when I looked over and saw that I was sharing my break with a shark, about five or seven feet, an arm’s length – or a bite’s length – away and I thought, “Awesome.  This is what I have [...]

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There - I put on Chloe mauve heels and grabbed my matching clutch, shined my lips, batted my lashes, walked out the door, down a 90 degree hill, snagged a cab, cleared a velvet rope, sat down at a table with friends in a room full of people in a city full of millions to [...]

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