July 28, 2009

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A Synthesis of My Time Here in Urbino

The time I have spent here in Urbino has been life changing. Who can say they have been kidnapped by their interviewee, played futbol with Italians, and danced with the locals? Not many I’m sure.
Throughout my blogging, I noticed some patterns that seemed to pop out. The first pattern was I tried different things and [...]

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Piero Guidi: The ‘Metropolitan Farmer’

Walking into the Urbino headquarters of fashion designer Piero Guidi is like walking into heaven: You’re surrounded by angels.
Everywhere you look – the colorful mosaic on the side of the building, sculptures that rise above the landscape, a giant bronze statue that seems to the guard the front entrance - you see angels.
“In Italy the [...]

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Design Wars Episode One: Battle for the Front Cover

So Leah, Arielle and I were working on the magazine design this past week, July 13-17. One day, Arielle had to met with some local people about the design we had done. I had designed something  with Scott’s images and in the black space we put other students’ photography. We really want one image for [...]

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Art From the Ages

Last weekend, July 10-12, Anthony, Rosemary, Erin, Leah, Amy, Alyson, Shari, and I went three or four hours away from Urbino to my favorite city in the world: Florence. I have been there before, but this city has so much to offer and it has so much of an historical background.
On this trip, some of us [...]

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When Your Interview Kidnaps You

So on Thursday, July 9, Nancy asked me to tag along with Roberta, our translator, and her for the interview with someone about family doctors that still make house calls. We met this 50-year-old man with thinning, receding gray hair by the chapel on campus. We thought the interview was going to take place there [...]

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‘Just Dance’

On Saturday, July 4, we went to a pub in downtown Urbino for our “Liberation Day,” for a welcome party held in our honor. There were local snack type foods, wine of course (sangria to be exact), and lots of music. We all had been talking for hours about various different things when we noticed [...]

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Playing ‘Futbol’ with Italians

Today, Friday, July 3, was so amazing. After classes, Anthony asked me if I wanted to play soccer with some Italian guys. I was kind of like “I don’t know” but I said sure. We met the guys outside our classroom around 6:30 p.m. along with Scott, Gino, and Bianca. When the Italians joined us, [...]

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