July 28, 2009

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Dancers Take Steps to Build Friendships

Strangers gather outside the Urbino’s Palazzo Ducale. Hands rise and fall. Rise and fall. Legs move from side to side. Side to side. The people don’t know each other, but they’re dancing.
Each summer Urbino hosts the  Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica (International Antique Music Festival). During the 10-day celebration the narrow streets and the piazzas of this [...]

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If I could change anything about my experience here in Urbino it would be my arrival, mostly because I didn’t witness it myself. When we got here I was fast asleep so I missed all of the scenery of the hills and sunflower fields that I would have seen span far and wide on approaching this town. [...]

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Carabinieri in Sheep’s Clothing

“Where is she?” she asked me.
“Los Angeles,” I replied.
“Oh. Ah! Yes, my daughter is in Santa Barbara,” she offered. 
Santa Barbara, Los Angeles not exactly the same but close. I will give this stranger credit for attempting to relate. I have to come up with something nice to say about her considering that she was standing [...]

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The addiction that I developed in Italy was nothing other than sweet and savory. I couldn’t help myself. The cravings were thought consuming. It was always available and my pusher always appeared friendly and concerned about my satisfaction. Of course my pusher is the employee of a local gelateria. And at this moment she seems [...]

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Sitting in the piazza at 2:30 a.m. was not what I saw myself doing when I came to Italy. However, that’s exactly what I was doing when the best dancer in Urbino invited me to his birthday party. I had seen this man before in the center of town.
One aspect of Urbino life I love [...]

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