August 4, 2009

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Family Business is Buzzing

MULTIMEDIA: Step inside a family bee farm.
Reaching into the one of the square wood containers lined up on the hillside of their farm, Fabrizio Gabannini pulled out a thin frame of honeycomb. He gently pressed his index finger on the hexagonal pattern and a golden glob of “miele,” or honey, oozed out. Without wasting a [...]

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Mending the Self

When I look back at my childhood, I realize that I was saturated with the very American messages about the joys of individualism. “You can be whatever you want to be,” my teachers and parents beamed, as they patted me on the back or placed a shiny gold star on the top of my homework. [...]

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A Simple Sunflower Field

The hillside look like it was spattered with bright yellow paint. They were tall and stood with perfect posture, like soldiers at attention. Some were even as tall as me. The morning sunlight bathed us in a warm glow as we peered over the sunflower field. I inhaled their pollen and closed my eyes. Even [...]

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Prayer in Assisi

The old woman knelt down at St. Francis’s tomb. Her head tilted forward in prayer. Her hands gently folded on the metal fencing that circled the burial place. She stayed completely still for several minutes—lost in her thoughts. When she finished, she took a small snap shot of a child out of her pocket and [...]

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Big Mac, Italian Style

When traveling the world, it is inevitable that Americans will encounter remnants of our popular culture. Last year, while backpacking through Thailand, I was amazed when I heard Britney Spears playing in grocery stores and I was shocked when I saw Nike T-shirts on every teenager. Even in the remote back roads, Pepsi and Coca-Cola [...]

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A Stranger in Florence

Some time before I left for Italy, my relatives took their time to warn me about Italian men. “Be careful,” they would say, their voices brimming with trepidation. “All they do is say ‘Ciao Bella’ and do that backward hand wave gesture! You must be on your guard!” As a woman who takes pride [...]

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A Universal Language

The elderly Italian woman stared at me in confusion. Her hands propped her small but solid body up against the counter. Her eyes were straining to be polite behind her thick glasses. I tried again.
“Do you have any orange juice,” I hopelessly repeated, making a drinking gesture with my hands. Once again, the woman forced [...]

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