July 28, 2009

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To Say Good-Bye To Italy Is Not An Option

As I reread my blogs that I have posted over the past month I realize that I have grown drastically. I did not realize this from actually reading the blogs, but from remembering how I felt while I was writing the blogs.
The first blog I felt excited to be in Italy, but I was missing my [...]

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Speaking Italish

As I sit across the table from Tiziana, a petite, young Italian girl from Sicily, with a look of pure confusion, I realize that there is more to talking than pointing and grunting.  
How am I going to tell her about me and my life if I can’t say anything else in Italian but “Ciao!” [...]

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Cresce: A Rich Taste Of Tradition

It is a lazy Sunday in Urbino, Italy, but for Roberto Borfecchia this day means an outing with his father to get cresce, a dense but thin and flaky flatbread that is a hallmark of this city’s cuisine.
When Borfecciha was a child, the father-son trek for cresce was a special treat. “Now cresce reminds me of summer because [...]

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A Weekend Escape Filled with Laughter and Memories

Over the weekend I went to visit some friends at their summer house located in Cervia, Italy. Arriving at the Cervia train station I glanced out of my window and saw the smiling faces of my friends. I filled with delight to finally see familiar faces from home. We walked back to the house and had [...]

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A True Italian Dinner Party

On July 14, 2009 I joined an entourage of fellow students and faculty from the ieiMedia program here in Urbino, Italy, to  experience a wine tasting event that was being hosted by Otello Renzi at the Serra Alta Hotel.
Upon arrival, I was swept off of my feet. The picturesque hotel is nestled up [...]

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My First Not So Rich Italian Moment (that isn’t really a moment)

This is my first taste of the European part of the world and I have to say I am not that impressed. Experiencing Italy through college life is not exactly how I pictured my first visit to this beautiful country. When I travel the world I usually stay with friends and their families. This way [...]

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