July 28, 2009

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Basta Pasta

The smell of fresh breads and baked goods carries a visitor into La Panetteria Di Raffaello a few blocks from Piazza della Republica. The shop is large, with a display of sweets, jams and pastas on the left; little paintings on the right; and breads of different shapes and sizes behind the counter.
Paola Marchionni, [...]

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Wine Seller Pours Cheer

At Magia, an enoteca (specialty wine shop) on Via Raffaello in Urbino, up the hill from the main piazza, bottles of wine are stacked on the shelves top to bottom. The place smells like hay and stone, and the gray-haired Italian men with their thin figures and wrinkled skin stand with wine glasses in hand, [...]

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Say “Formaggio”

Walking through the narrow doorway of Luciano and Cinzia Bussu’s Casa del Formaggio on Via Mazzini, buyers are pressed against the cheese counter. There’s hardly any space to move, just one aisle going through the tiny store with the local cheeses in the cooler on the left, green grapes and nectarines on the [...]

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The Smallest Things Are Beautiful

In my blogs I describe cultural differences among people in my home town and Urbino. In La Crescenta, CA (my home town), people are so stressed out and uptight. In Urbino, people seem so relaxed, friendly, and more family oriented.
“I think Urbino opened up my eyes and helped me to realize what else is out there in [...]

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My interpreter Silvia and I spend a lot of time together. We basically talk about our relationship problems and family problems.

Silvia is going to Germany for 6 months and she explained to me how hard it would be to keep a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of four years while she’s in [...]

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Quality in Slow-Paced

I live extremely close to Los Angeles, and everything is fast-paced. People are scrambling to get everything done every day.  Everyone is so stressed out and seem so unhappy. The lack of happiness in La Crescenta, my home town is just plain sad.  It seems like there’s never one minute to relax in the day and we [...]

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Just a Way to Get By

The other day Resa and I were in a gelato shop. We sat down and started eating when a man came up to us and handed each of us a pink piece of paper and then walked away. Resa and I looked at each other and at the pink paper we held in our hands.  Since the message [...]

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Urbino vs. the United States

The day I set foot in Urbino, the first thing I thought to myself is, wow, how can a place like this really exist? I was fascinated by how much beauty can fit into one small city.  From the beautiful green hill tops to the small streets and amazing architecture, Urbino caught my eye and [...]

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The first thing I noticed in Urbino is how family oriented the town really was. The day I walked around the market I saw families shopping together. I also saw families working together. They help each other out at their restaurants and their own stores. I saw a boy helping his mother carry a box [...]

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