July 28, 2009

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What I’ve Learned

Looking back over the blogs I’ve written, it’s obvious this whole trip has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve grown here, and I’ve begun to see myself and others in a different way.
I’ve even realized more about how people both in my own culture and in others see me based simply on my appearance. [...]

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Thoughts on a Train

I stare out the train window. I’m feeling a bit smug sitting on the Eurostar with a white fedora and copy of “The International Herald Tribune” on the table before me. Next to this is my copy of “The Portable Beat Reader.” I’m trying to remember as much as I can, I don’t normally feel [...]

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Wreaths, Trials and Fountains

Three times a year the Renaissance town of Urbino, Italy, is pierced with raucous laughter and song. Young students are seen marching into somber chambers before robed judges and striding across the piazza triumphantly crowned with laurel wreaths like conquering Caesars. Some are even thrown bodily into the town’s fountain.
Graduation day around this ancient college town is [...]

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Fast Cars, Beer, Rock n’ Roll, I’m at Home Here

I’m a little worried as we wait for the taxi to arrive. I’ve got my last 40 euro in my pocket and still can’t withdraw any more. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I do know that the last of my cash will go to something fun.
The lights of the patio area [...]

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The View from the Hill

The sun beats down on my shoulders. The smell of grass fills my nose and I hear children play across the field.
I sit atop the highest hill in town with Scott, Gino, our local friend Alfonso, and another American friend of his whose name I’ve forgot even as we were introduced. A dog barks as [...]

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The Other Americans . . .

It’s funny how others can see you. I was walking around town on the fourth of July, going through the market and seeing what I hadn’t yet seen.
The stands are more like a flea market than a farmer’s. There’s an array of items and colors; meats, shirts, coffee pots, underwear, watches. The dust and brick [...]

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My own correspondent.

I’m feeling the whiskey and “coca” already. “They make them strong at this cafe,” I tell my teammate, Alyssa. The heat of half-past noon feels good here on the Piazza della Repubblica. The soft wicker of the cafe chairs seem too good to rise from. I want to sit longer chatting with my team [...]

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