July 28, 2009

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Process of Self-Discovery

Through my experiences in Italy, I discovered a side of myself I never knew was there. This trip was about finding my own voice, not being so uptight and worried all the time, and becoming more confident in myself . Throughout my blogs, there has been a resonating theme of releasing my fears and worries [...]

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No Woman, No Cry

Friday July 15th was a major turning point in this trip. As I sat in the front seat of an eight-passenger van with fellow student Pauline Talens to my left and then immediately to her left, Claudio Pantaleo, an ordained Franciscan monk from Urbino, I wondered what the day would hold.
After driving for well over an [...]

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Family Life in Urbino

Claudia Corsini, 46, a mother of two, always pictured herself as having a house full of children.
“Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of having a big family,”  Corsini said as one of her two children, 9-year-old son Paolo, climbed on a play structure at a playground located in the Piazzelle Roma [...]

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The Addiction

Sweet sticky decadent heaven. My friend Natalie from back home who studied abroad for 5 months in Rome warned me that I would quickly become addicted, and she was right. The ice cream, gelato,  to be exact, is so heavenly it is difficult for me to put the taste  into words. The smooth consistency and [...]

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Simple Words

Communicating in a foreign country can be difficult at times. However, I have noticed how even though we may not be able to communicate using words we can through body language. Smiles, laughter, and hugs; these are the components of mankind’s universal language. Something I have learned is that the simplest of words can carry [...]

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Letting Go

If you really knew me, you would know that things don’t come that easily for me. You would know that sometimes letting go is the hardest part, and that I like order. Everything requires a plan, and a possible backup plan, should things go wrong.
The troubles of my travel to Urbino began the minute I stepped on flight 349, [...]

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Free Your Stress

The town of  Urbino is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Rolling hillsides, burning sun, ancient cobblestone, and expansive bright blue skies.
Bianca and I took a detour from a tour that our Italian teacher Francesca took us on, to go to church at 6 p.m. As we made our way up the steep, [...]

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