August 4, 2009

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Honey, Eggplant and Nonna’s Kitchen

Every group so far has been working hard on their perspective stories. The stories range from the city’s graffiti problems to  beekeepers, cresce sfogliate, and instrument makers, among many others. Throughout this month,  not only have I been able to participate in my own group’s  stories but also in the stories of others.
As a journalist, [...]

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Not the Same Experience Without the Locals

The time that I have spent here in Urbino has been unforgettable. Coming here as a journalism student with stories to report and produce has been hard and, at times, seemingly, almost  impossible. Despite all the hard work it’s been completely worth the drama and anguish.
The first week here I felt slightly like a tourist on [...]

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Sharing the Love of Food and Wine

On a Tuesday evening in early July Serra Alta restaurant is vacant; the cooking staff is in the kitchen busily preparing several courses for a large party. The heat outside is sweltering, but the staff plug away, creating sauces and preparing different courses before the evening’s guests arrive. Despite the heat, restaurant owner Otello Renzi [...]

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Italian Musicians Struggle Against American Music

Empty beer bottles and old bent beer caps litter the floor of a small music hall reminiscent of a barn, on the outskirts of Urbino. The creaky wooden doors open outward and a stale smell of cigarettes wafts out of Club Do 7.
Fabio Barrone enters through the doors with his saxophone case and the rest [...]

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Trashy Beach?

I have not swum in the ocean since 2001, when I last went to Panama to visit family. Last Saturday, a handful of us decided to take a break from Urbino and go to the beach town of Pesaro. Pesaro is a town about a 45-minute bus ride away from Urbino, located along the Adriatic [...]

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Mondo Piccolo

Saturday evening Pauline had asked a few of us to go to a party that her story source, Padre Claudio, had invited her to; she didn’t want to go alone.  Urbino is perched on the top of a ridge and our party was down in the valley. In two cars, our group headed down the [...]

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She-Ra Italian Women

The women in this country fascinate me. They walk around in stiletto heels, with perfect coiffures, and are gorgeous without a lot of fussing over makeup. They are total She-Ra - Super Women, female cartoon superheroes, climbing cobblestone streets in what look to be painful attempts to be, as what the Italians call “Bella [...]

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Patient Locals in Fermignano

Sunday is my first real day off from tours, classes and parties. I wake up and roll over the words I know I will need to use in order to ask for the correct bus to get to the town of Fermignano. I say out loud, “cuento costa il bigliete di bus … to go [...]

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Honey, Eggplant and Nonna’s Kitchen

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