July 28, 2009

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Going Hi-Tech in the 1400s

Imagine you’re a contestant on the quiz show Jeopardy and can win the game by answering this question:
“When was the first overhead projector developed?”
Would you choose:
A: 1700s
B: 1900s
C: 1800s?
To learn the answer we have to follow a story that begins 25 years ago in the famed Italian Renaissance city of Urbino, where Professor Flavio Vetrano, [...]

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Seeing Myself With an Italian Perspective

The great communication scholar Marshall McLuhan said: “I’m sure that one animal discovered water and it wasn’t a fish”. I have never before in my life gone out of the United States; even to Puerto Rico. Being in this situation, there are many things that I have never noticed or  have taken for granted. This [...]

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Floppy Disk in Urbino

Have you been in a situation in which you really know what you want but you don’t know how to express it?  Last Tuesday July 21  I had the task of revising some documents on a floppy disk. I asked several people participating in the Urbino Project about what might be my best option . [...]

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Who Says That Wine is the Most Awful Thing to Drink?

A long time ago I said to one of my colleagues at work, “If I go party with you guys and I don’t drink wine it is because it tastes awful, and not because of religion”. The first time that I tried wine was when my undergrad university hosted a night called “Noche de Tango” where there [...]

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Scientific Instruments in Urbino

Urbino, Italy
The University of Urbino is preparing itself to demonstrate to the public a massive collection of ancient scientific instruments, which mostly date back to the 18th century. According to Prof. Roberto Mantovani, about 24 years ago Prof. Flavio Vetrano discovered three abandoned labs in three distinguished buildings at the University of Urbino. “There were [...]

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Is that Sugar or Salt?

Last Sunday I went for breakfast at the cafeteria called “Ristorante Tridente”. I asked for a cappuccino and since I’ve ordered it a few days in a row I knew that the coffee needed sugar. In Puerto Rico, we call coffee “pulla” (pronounced pooja), because it is not the best coffee experience that you have. It is [...]

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Feet in the Street

There are many reasons why I decided to make this trip to Urbino. Learning several forms of media from some of the best people in the business was certainly a large reason to come here. But this was not the main reason. The main reason I am here is to be immersed [...]

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Juega Calcio?

It’s not everyday that you get to play soccer with people from a country that produces some of the best footballers in the world.  In fact, I had always feared that day.  Getting embarrassed by people whose skills are far superior to mine is a situation I never want to put myself in.  But somehow [...]

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Confusing Packaging

This is just a representation of a little confusion of a “juice” package that was seen on the Urbino Campus

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Language barriers? Who is supposed to learn the language of the other person

It is an honor to go to a complete different place from home and to encounter a person that speaks your native language

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