July 28, 2009

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A Hardworking Woman; A Dwindling Dream of Motherhood

 ”He is adorable,” says Chiara Delprato as she looks away from the baby for a second and moves her black curls aside to speak to the child’s mother. Delprato has always loved children but chose to devote her 20s to financing her education.  Now, at 38, she is in law school and still dreaming about having her first child.
“It is not [...]

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My Child’s Smile Makes Any Job Worthwhile

 Elena’s eyes lit up with a smile every time her two daughters burst through the door of Sanchini, the ladies’ clothing shop she helps run in Urbino.  The scene was hardly imaginable a few years ago when she was caught up in the world of a busy young pharmacist.
“I loved my job as a pharmacist and I [...]

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Re-Winding Memories

What I realized when writing and, again, when reading my blogs, is that I take too long to get to the point. Ironically,  this time I think I got to the point in the first sentence but maybe not; we will see.
I usually start writing about one event that leads to writing about another or [...]

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Translate and Process or Just Laugh

After three weeks in Italy, I can often grasp what is being said to me when I am having a conversation in Italian. At my best, the conversation flows a little faster than does that between a five year old and his or her mother. At my worst, when I am exhausted or too confused [...]

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Down boy!

There was the sparkling sensuousness of melted caramel with beauteous colors protruding from sun beat particles of liquid. The fur of a golden retriever with a silly, friendly and soft gaze stood in a kennel among street dogs with shaggy fur drenched in drain water and matted with dirt.
He was perched there, pensive and [...]

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Michael Jackson is Still Alive; He is In Italy

A sharp, quick jerk to the left and then another three feet to the right characterize the basic movement of the sole ranger in the middle of the dance floor at ‘Il Piquero’ restaurant and bar in Urbino, Italy.
His fingers repel each other so that they are spread like a Spanish fan with his [...]

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Acting For The Camera

My group had no idea how to get to the market that first Saturday so I gestured at the first Italian person I saw.
“Dov’e’ il mercato?” I said to a female university student, Chiara, hoping it would do us some good.
After many awkward nods and confirmations in Italian, also known as the magic [...]

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Brochures Are As Good As Scrap Paper

The brochures say to go to the Vatican, my friend told me to only eat pizza in Rome, and television shows us that Milan is the place for fashion connoisseurs. Try saying no to a tempting offer to tour Florence on a bike. Instead, take a walk or go out with a native. Perhaps the [...]

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A Patch of Grass

It is hard to believe that any resident of Urbino could be without strong and shapely calves. When walking from place to place, you either walk uphill or downhill, upstairs or downstairs. But you must go up to come down. Therefore to go anywhere, you must go uphill or upstairs. All is well and good [...]

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Conflict of Interest

An experienced journalist from Vanity Fair once told me that to be a good journalist you must get outside yourself and write about a world that does not have you in it. “Nobody wants to know about you or how you feel about something,” he said.  “Report the story, not how it affects you.” From [...]

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