July 27, 2009

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The Write to Crime

A tourist walking up the steep, narrow, cobblestone paths of Urbino toward the Palazzo Ducale to see the art work of Renaissance masters such as Raffaello, will also see a 4-foot-tall stencil of Maradona, the famous soccer player, spray-painted on the wall of a building.  In a city of historic monuments and charming piazzas, streets [...]

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“Letting Go”

It is clear that throughout my experiences here, I have gone into situations with at least a grain of a preconceived notion, or uncertainty about how to interact with Europeans.  For example, in my blog called, “My Own Review,” I was hanging out with an Italian guy and was very skeptical of how it might [...]

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I Am Working, Right?

Rosemary and I walked past an adorable, old cruiser propped up against the wall next to a row of mint chip-colored bench seats with faded paint jobs, a clothesline to the left hovering over the lawn, two cream-colored, sweetheart chairs around a small table, and were warmly welcomed into Nadia and Millo’s front door.
“Ciao,” said [...]

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My Own Review

I hear different reviews from various sources on the same topic: Italian men.  In fact it’s almost silly to address it that way due to my hatred and distrust of generalizations, but let’s get to the point; my unique myth-busting experience.
Paulo and I had a difficult time communicating to begin with; as with many of [...]

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A Shaky Start

Once again, we found ourselves walking around town, interpreter by our side, in search of more pieces to our stories.  Video camera in hand, tripod locked under my arm, it’s possible I at least looked like I knew what I was doing.  I followed Rosemary into Raffaello Disgusteria.  “Giournaliste?” Apparently he had a buffer of [...]

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Two of my interactions with a waiter at first seemed contradictory, but in the end showed me he doesn’t hold his reactions back and might even have a fantastic sense of humor.
On one of the first days, a group of us sat down for some coffee.  The waiter approached us to take our order and [...]

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Making Friends

Following the American tradition of guaranteeing a friend a strong drink at midnight on the eve of his or her birthday, I searched out a special treat for Delaney, an Italian specialty as she insisted.  I made my way to town to begin my mission and noticed a lone bar tender, hair loosely pulled back in a [...]

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