July 27, 2009

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Bittersweet Amazement

Among the common threads in each and every one of my blogs has been amazement. It has been infatuation. It has been a long line of firsts. It has been stepping outside of my comfort zone and implanting myself into situations completely foreign to what I partake in normally.
I went to the beach for [...]

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Magical Fruit

We’ve heard about the beaches, we’ve heard about that soccer game, and I know, as well as anyone, how life changing the wine tasting event  was last Wednesday, July 15, (thanks everyone for letting me hear all about it. How amazing was it again? I’m not sure if anyone told me). But the one constant for [...]

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On the Field, We All Speak the Same Language

By Anthony Dorunda
Few words had been spoken between the international students as they made the long, physical trek to the soccer field beyond the walls of the ancient university town of Urbino. If they spoke at all it was to their countrymen in languages they understood.
But after the opening kick, that all changed.  They were still speaking [...]

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On any normal day, waking up at 7 a.m. is not exactly something I look forward to. However, I do it nearly every day, especially on those sweltering mid-August mornings with nothing to look forward to but a couple of brutal practices on the practice field. I love it when those beefy defensive tackles (like [...]

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I Hate Fiats and I Want Mozzarella Cheese in a Bag

My eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep I’ve had over the past two weeks. My calves and quads were still burning from a mix of the treacherous Urbino hills and Gretchen’s killer yoga earlier that day. All I was looking forward to was that uncomfortable dorm bed. It didn’t matter if it was like sleeping [...]

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Sunburns and Tanlines

So I went to the beach this past Sunday, July 5. Not just any beach though, I was doggie-paddling in the Adriatic Sea. Yep that little body of water off the eastern coast of Italy.
Why is that such a big deal? Well for starters, it’s been nearly four years since I have been to the [...]

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Are You Ready for Some Futbol?

It was day two of our stay here in Italy and in between classes I encountered a few Italian guys at Piazza della Repubblica that were around my age. In my horrendous Italian and their broken English, we somehow managed to schedule a time and place to meet and play some “futbol.” When they asked [...]

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