July 28, 2009

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In reading through my blogs, I have noticed that the difference between myself and Italians that I notice most often is language. I’ve talked about “what happens when that communication is outright rejected” in speaking about my encounter with the rude woman on the bus.  I’ve also talked about “Fritalish,” in which I commented that [...]

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Yelling Louder Doesn’t Help

It has been a very long day and this woman is yelling at me in a language I don’t speak. I am on a crowded bus from Pesaro to Urbino, after having taken a train from Venice to Pesaro. I am very tired and I can’t make heads or tails of what she’s saying.
I try [...]

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Bringing Raffaello Home

Gabriele Cavalera, press secretary for the mayor of Urbino, was visiting the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., when he met an unpleasant surprise: The caption to a Raffaello work claimed the famous Renaissance painter came from Perugia in Umbria, not Urbino in Le Marche.
Remembering that moment recently, he smiled wrily and added, “We complained.”
Urbino, however, [...]

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“La professore a solamente un settimena per insegnare, allora parlo solamente un pò d’italiano. ”
I am sitting on the steps of a closed café in the piazza at three a.m. with Nicole, Jack, and a cluster of Italian students. I am also not entirely sober and scrambling for words. It doesn’t help that my first thought [...]

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Thy Will Be Done

When I met Claudio, a Franciscan monk, with whom I was to travel to Assisi this morning, I have to admit my first thought was Seriously? My idea of a monk was pretty close to the Benedictine Rule—quiet, sober, perhaps slightly intolerant men who had pledged their lives to God—not this energetic man who went [...]

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Bridging cultures in a cafe

I adore certain things about Italy, but there are other things that just baffle me. I like sitting in cafés, but I don’t like having trucks and mopeds whizz by a few feet from the back of my head. I like granita, which is like shaved ice, but tarter and more intense, and pizza margherita, [...]

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Music in common

Over the past few days, it feels like I have spent a great deal of time in the downstairs of the Tridente building, trying to get internet access. It usually fails, so I end up watching the students as I wait for the computer to acquire the network address or validate the IP address. Or [...]

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