July 28, 2009

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L’Ultimo Blog! Sono Finito!

After reading all of the blogs that I have written as well as reading the blogs of my classmates I think that I can sum up this trip in one word: experiences!
The pattern that I have discovered in my blogs is how many times I mention being uncomfortable and being out of my comfort zone. [...]

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A Resolution to Succeed

Today was one of the most fulfilling days since I have arrived in Italy.  After pleading, negotiating , and praying I finally secured my interview with the Vice - Questore Agguinto Antonio Sguanci! That is quite a mouthful. In layperson’s terms, he is the head honcho of the local police department.
He was extremely gracious and even seemed [...]

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Residents and Police Share Special Bond

It was a typical evening at the Piazza Della Repubblica, Urbino’s central gathering place, and the crowds were spilling out of the cafes and bars talking and laughing, sipping drinks, and licking gelato. In the midst of the revelry, a uniformed police officer walked about the square, chatting with citizens and chastising one group of teenagers for drinking out of glass bottles. No one [...]

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Parle Inglese?

Every morning we have an Italian language class. I love it! It is so helpful to be able to learn the most useful and important phrases along with vocabulary and grammar. I can read and write in Spanish but am not fluent because I have never immersed myself in the Spanish language. In Urbino I [...]

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Living Italian

I have spent the past two weeks of my study abroad trip becoming accustomed to the culture and traditions of Italy and the Italian people. I kept waiting to experience the amazing food, the meals that I have heard so much about; that with just one bite I would never want to leave Italy. [...]

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Home Free? Maybe Not.

In one week in Italy, I have spent over four hours on the cell phone. That roughly translates to over $100 dollars in cell phone minutes.  I can’t be upset about it because I love to talk on the phone; it makes me feel more comfortable about being away from home and it helps me [...]

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Visions of Cheeseburgers Dance In My Head

Scott and I were sitting in the cafeteria and had a delicious conversation.
“I’d kill for a cheeseburger right now,” Scott said.
“Oh, me toooo! I want fast food so badly!” I replied hungrily, “I really want Sonic!”
The mere mention of Sonic sent us into an obsessive discussion about all of the things that we would do [...]

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