July 28, 2009
July 28th, 2009 |

Where’s My MTV?

I was on the bus coming back from a day trip to Pesaro, Italy, when I looked over and saw a young girl reading a gossip magazine like OK or People. I glanced at the page she was on and saw a picture of Scarlett Johansson and her hubby Ryan Reynolds.

I quickly realized that I haven’t read any of the gossip magazines in the past several weeks, or fed my addiction to horrible reality TV shows or played the Sims. Come to think of it, not once have I even thought about any of them until I realized I have been without them. The hours of the days are not wasted on video games, MTV or VH1.

Many of my professors have expressed the importance of staying in touch with the current events by watching  the news, reading newspapers and magazines and staying in touch with what the general public is watching. And as a journalist,  it is important to not be disconnected from the public…but I have enjoyed living in isolation from all this while being here in my little dorm room with absolutely nothing except for a lamp and single bed.

There is no public television or radio for use in the dorms and the silence is actually pleasant since my ears are usually  burning from the chaos that surrounds me at all times.

Instead of having my iPod glued to my ears, I have not been wearing them in order to take in the natural sound around me and to listen to the Italian language being spoken all around me. It is amazing how when I am home I make daily schedules around my favorite shows and get agitated when things delay or make me miss such ridiculous shows as The City, 24 and,  my all time favorite, Daisy of Love. In fact I have no idea who the final three male contestants are and if she kept the hunk 12 Pack. I haven’t had my daily dish of celebrity news from E News or the Soup or know who Britney Spears is hooking up with now. I never realized how much precious time I have spent on news that doesn’t affect me at all except to give me something to talk about with my hairdresser.

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  1. bmurphy says:

    It is amazing when things you thought were ESSENTIAL to your daily life just evaporate without a trace or care. What will be really interesting for you will be to discover whether you want to or care to sustain some of these changed patterns.

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