July 28, 2009
July 28th, 2009 |

To Say Good-Bye To Italy Is Not An Option

As I reread my blogs that I have posted over the past month I realize that I have grown drastically. I did not realize this from actually reading the blogs, but from remembering how I felt while I was writing the blogs.

The first blog I felt excited to be in Italy, but I was missing my friends and family. After my trip to Cervia and my interesting experience with the Italian train system, I felt really home sick. My neighbors from California had gone back to the States and I was left in Italy. Not exactly what I expected to feel in Italy.

By the final blog I was starting to feel at home here in Urbino. I was integrating myself completely (well, almost, I still don’t have the language) into the culture and life style of an Italian student. I no longer had a feeling of home sickness. I do miss my family and my dog and my friends, but that is no longer constantly on my mind. Now I have dinner with friends, grab a drink with new friends, talk about Ducatis and enjoy a traditional home cooked meals (I can only handle so much cafeteria food).

Now I don’t want to say good-bye to Urbino. I have fallen in love with this small city of classic history. There are still places around the city I want to explore. I want to lose myself in my imagination of what it must have been like in the Renaissance era . I want to walk in the fields and look at clouds with the sweet grasses surrounding me and the soft chirp of a summer bird playing in the background.

When my Italian friends ask me, “When will you return to visit us in Urbino?” my only answer is, “As soon as I possibly can!” (which, hopefully, will be next fall). I have observed the life in a quiet Italian city and all I can say is, “Mi Amor”.

A view of Urbino from the view Students of ieiMedia.

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